Our Top 10 Trees for Screening & Privacy

Some of our most popular items on the nursery are specimen trees used for screening. As well as creating structure and seasonal interest in the garden, screening trees provide valuable privacy and can also be used to hide undesirable views. Mature trees, espalier trees and evergreen trees are all ideal for screening naturally. The most […]

First for Stock

Another big delivery to the nursery this morning, this time from sunny Italy. This is our third delivery of the week so far, and its only Tuesday! At this time of year, we can expect anything from one to three deliveries per week, with anything up to 12,500 items per load. As you can imagine, […]

Gardens add Value – Up to 20%

I thought I’d get your attention there, yes it’s true studies have found that Gardens add up to 20% to your property value but think about how to get that investment to work for you. So we all know its not the house that sells it is the lifestyle, the idea of outdoor living and […]