Plant Shopping

Why do we need to go to European countries when we have great trees and plants here? Although we have a fully functional production nursery in Caragh sometimes it is impossible to grow everything so on the nursery we grow stock that is great demand.

Mature Trees and Airpots

Earlier this year, in early March we stopped lifting and selling our rootballed and bare-root trees, in most cases, a little earlier than usual as the weathers highs and lows and the highs meant that we have cut slightly short our rootballed season but the good news I that we still had plenty of mature […]

Stunning Autumn Colour

I’d love to share this little piece of heaven with you the week and give you a bit of what I see every day and so here are my Top 10 trees for Autumn Colour, under the Level 5 restrictions we can remain open and our deliveries are operating as usual albeit a little busier.