Garden Design Trends for 2022

The pandemic has not only shaped the way we use our homes and gardens but how we want to feel within these spaces.  The expectation now is that are gardens are going to create not only the sense of calm and reflection but also a feeling of security too. The expectation is that are homes […]

What we do best?

I have started this year planning, looking at our marketing and budgets before we get too busy, so I’m all figured out and just dying to get out into the garden and get some practical gardening done. In the meantime I have plenty of plans for lovely gardens to complete. Whilst looking at my marketing […]

A few Recent Projects

September hit us on the nursery with an almighty bang, we had a good deal of scheduled work for July and August thankfully but the drought meant that the nursery was very quiet compared to how it usually is. However, as soon as the schools went back it was like a light bulb was switched […]