Pleached and espaliered trees – for Screening & Privacy

Screening trees are invaluable as they can create a higher screen that is taller than a hedge and wall and creates privacy or screening a new house or extension too. A wall or fence cannot be any higher than 2metres tall where there is no maximum height of a tree and if you pick the […]

Bare-root planting almost upon us

The weather is still quite mild and those nice sunny days are good if with it comes the frost at night as this is good for the trees and hedging plants, it enforces their dormancy to get a bit of R&R over the winter so they can store their energy for growth in the spring, so […]

Snow days and new plants

So today is a snow day for lots of people in the East of the country an excellent day to plan your garden and order online your plants as don’t forget if you are wanting bare-root or rootballed trees and hedging you have only 4 weeks left to get them. So here is our advice […]