Lighting – tips & ideas

Lighting is one of the things that is not fully appreciated in a garden, a little lighting can go a long way to creating the perfect space when the sun goes down but here are a few tips that may make it easier to find the right lighting for you.

Use lighting selectively and remember that darkness can also be used to great effect too. Decide on the areas you want to light, what your key features are and focus on these.

The key to successful landscape lighting is flexibility. LED exterior spike lights are ideal as they can be easily moved to suit the changing seasons and planting growth. Energy consumption is also something to think about, both for your pocket and the environment.

Lighting for safety is key, lighting steps that may not be as easy to see or at the end of a patio – when you are entertaining friends and family in the garden the last thing you want is an

Most garden lighting fittings are black but the ones that usually blend into landscapes best are olive green.  Copper fittings can also be good as they patinate to a neutral green colour with age. 

Water features are a wonderful  to light as the movement and refraction creates patterns which reflect on the surrounding area. Use a simple underwater spotlight (Pond Light) under a water flow or think of adding fibres set into the base of a pool at random appearing almost as stars.


When lighting outside living spaces, make sure the wall lights complement rather than detract from the lighting in the rest of the exterior. Wall mounted lights Pillar up/downlights can be dramatic or use wall lanterns can be a soft solution.

Here are a few of our favourite lights that won’t break the bank

  The St Ives Funnel Light in galvanised steel creates lovely pools of light but sits discreetly on any wall or surface

  With its large domed shape the St Ives Bay Outdoor Pendant is ideal for use in outside terraces, gazebos and pergolas

  One of my favourites, its classic shape and style in Charcoal rather than black add a formal but contemporary light to your garden, works well in most gardens.

 This miniature LED floodlight is suitable for highlighting a pathway or angled towards shrubs and walls for soft wash of light to planting.

  The mix of industrial materials make the Southwark Outdoor Wall Light a stylish option when updating your outdoor lighting.

  The Starliter is a tubular pendant which is perforated to create a soft twinkling effect when hung in a tree or shrub. In a stunning copper too.

For more details on these or any other lights contact us on the usual details 045 879170 or jo@https://  I will be uploading details of these lights and several others within our collection asap, thanks for your patience.